Family room was added to this cabin; complete with a large screened room, complete with fireplace.
This modest home, on Bird Boulevard, broke free from its mundane existence with a dramatic new facade, which is very inviting and welcoming.
By adding a mere four feet to the front of this home we were able to totally transform the character by adding a much more gracious entry and a much needed bedroom for their eldest daughter.
The dramatic three story addition on the rear adds much needed family hang-out space and wonderful light to the interiors. Included are the son’s bedroom, a family room that is open to the kitchen with a lower level den and screened porch.
Minor modifications to the exterior of this classic ranch changed the house from stodgy to elegant.
The before view, taken from the sun room, shows a very tight, dark kitchen with no exterior walls. The after view, taken from where the kitchen used to be, reveals a stunning, bright kitchen that replaced the sun room boasting vaulted ceilings and beautiful cabinetry.
An original 1960’s kitchen brought into this new era.

Greenville Home Design and New Construction

We work closely with property owners and builders to ensure that a house is designed to specifically address the site and the needs of the residents. The term "custom" is overused but we do specialize in creating unique, one of a kind homes (even as spec homes) that stand out in practical functionality and beauty.

Greenville Home Renovations

The house of your dreams may be waiting to be uncovered in the very home you are already in. With a fresh eye and sometimes surprising suggestions well designed remodeling projects create practical, livable and beautiful homes. It is our fervent hope that you'll discover the house of your dreams is hiding where you live.

Greenville Home Remodels

All projects are worthy of a good design. From relocating a front door to improve circulation or adding a clever roof to protect visitors from rain as the ring your doorbell to a unique personalized home design fitted to your lot. From kitchens and bathrooms to an entire house - no job is too small. We are dedicated to maximizing the aesthetics and function of every space.

Lucynda Moore, Chief Creative Officer

Rare Design is a design company specializing in unique home design, creative transformations, charming details, thoughtful planning and carefully crafted remodeling.